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Newly diagnosed
« on: Thursday May 22, 2008, 11:43:15 PM »

After reading many postings in this forum, I realize that I am fortunate to be diagnosed as quickly as I have been. 

I am a nurse.  In late March of this year I went to the ER with a boil under my arm.  The doctor looked at it and said, oh, you work at a hospital, it's MRSA, here's some Bactrim.  A day or so later, a new tiny boil appeared.  By the time I was done with the Bactrim, the boils were gone.

A week later I had a new boil.  I went back to the ER, the doctor lanced it, told me it looked like a blocked sweatgland and didn't culture it (even though he said he was going to).  He told me it was probably MRSA and put me back on Bactrim.  He squeezed on me so hard that I had bruises shaped like fingers on my skin.  Five days later, I had a large mass under my skin, 2 more small boils, and a case of cellulitis.  I went back to the ER, and was given Doxycycline and told to make a follow up in primary care.  The Doxycycline was making the cyst smaller but it was still huge.  My primary care doctor sent me straight to surgery. 

The surgeon thought they were going to do an I&D of a capsule of MRSA (no cultures have been obtained yet).  He opened me up and drained a bunch of pus and took out a cyst the size of a small chicken egg.  He packed the hole and sent the cyst to pathology. 

The cultures showed an infection, but not MRSA.  The pathology report said that I had HS.  I started doing research and didn't believe that is what I had.  My case looked nothing like the pictures, and my case didn't follow the cases I had been reading about.  I decided that I would leave the option open in my mind and see what happened.  A couple days later I had a new cyst under the skin.  I went to the surgeon yesterday for my weekly checkup and he said that we could either leave it and see what happened, he could take it out and stitch up the hole, or he could take it out and pack it.  I told him that I really wanted to go back to work (I have been off of work since April 30).  We agreed that he would take it out and stitch me up.  He didn't put me on antibiotics though, he wants to see what will happen if I don't take them.  I am watching closely for signs of infection.  I now believe that I do indeed have HS.

I am 41.  I feel fortunate in that I was able to go this long without HS.  So far this is in my left armpit only, I pray it doesn't spread.  I read about half the thread about vitamins last night, I was really sore from getting the cyst removed so I didn't read the whole thread.  I plan on reading it tonight.  I also have a previously diagnosed autoimmune disorder, which seems to be a common thread.  I suffer from mild adult acne on my face during my period.

I have a couple of questions.  First off, is Hibiclens available OTC in the United States?  My surgeon told me that I shouldn't use the aluminum containing anti perspirants.  I am returning to work June 1 and would like to get my underarm bacteria under control.  I am using antibacterial Cetaphil and I don't think it is working.  I am a nurse in a newborn ICU, it can be extremely stressful and I sweat under my arms at times.  I also wonder if there is a thread with websites to read up on HS. 

I plan on getting under the care of a dermatologist once I am released from surgery.  So far my surgeon has been very helpful about HS, he is knowledgeable and kind.  I did read of some concerns for range of motion from too many surgeries, that would be a problem for me. 

Thank you all for being so forthcoming with your stories and what works for you.  I feel thankful to have found you all.

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Re: Newly diagnosed
« Reply #1 on: Sunday August 24, 2008, 02:36:27 AM »
Hello and welcome to the forum. I am so sorry that no-one has responded to you. I'm fairly new and don't get around the forum as much as some do, but I'm getting around more now. I have HS as well too. Though, I'm sorry to hear that, HS is just not something I'd wish on anyone. If you ever need a friend, feel free to PM me or add me to MSN messenger. Take care. :hugs:
With care,
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xx :hugs:

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