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Some herbal remedies
« on: Tuesday February 05, 2008, 10:39:42 PM »
Ive copied and pasted this from an e-mail my cousin, who also has psoriasis sent me. 

 Suffering from acne, eczema or psoriasis? Herbs are here to help
Skin conditions are commonly exacerbated at this time of year, when the seasons change. In an extra attempt to find a solution to their skin problem, lots of people try all sorts of different products.

Herbalist Dee Atkinson's advice is to stick with something for at least seven weeks, as this is how long it takes for the skin to change over.
Dee's herbal recipes, below, are ideal for people unhappy using harsh products (especially steroid based ones.) All of them can be made at home from the things you have in your kitchen cupboards.
Oat and Peppermint Wash
Good for: Reducing itching and irritation, e.g.eczema and psoriasis
Take a square of muslin, fill it with porridge oats (they have great anti-flammotary properties) and peppermint tea. Next pour boiling water over the mixture and place it in your bath.
Camomile Massage/Bath Oil
Good for: Combating psoriasis
Pack a screw top jar with camomile petals (available from most health stores) and cover in almond oil. Screw the lid back on top of the jar and leave to stand for 10 days. Finally strain the oil through some muslin and re-bottle for use as a bath oil or skin soothing massage oil.
Marigold Face Wash
Good for: Combating acne
Fill a bowl with marigold petals (available from most health stores) and cover in boiling water. When the water has cooled you can use it as a gentle face wash.
And as my cousin  said in his e-mail, "If i smell of porridge oats the next time you see me, you'll know why". :).