Author Topic: Bits & Bytes? Or Rant & rave?  (Read 3779 times)

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Bits & Bytes? Or Rant & rave?
« on: Sunday February 03, 2008, 07:36:26 PM »
If I don't get this out, I'm going to explode, and an explosion in the college library would probably interfere with someone's studies.

The <BLEEP>ing <bleep>ers in the <bleep>ing IT dept don't know a <bleep>ing thing about common <bleep>ing sense!! Bloody <bleep>!!

* Bamawing inhales deeply and exhales deeply.

It was bad e- <bleep>ing -nough that they forced my "password" to be my social security number, and gave me no way to change it. Then when they gave me my "secure" <bleep>ing PIN number AND PUT IN THE <BLEEP>ING SUBJECT LINE of the email, that was bad, too. No <bleep>. The email was entitled "your secure PIN  is SL68 (or whatever it was)" and the email had a single line: "guard this pin and do not give it out to anyone. Um... ex-<bleep>ing-scuse me?

Then they decided to completely re-work the system, which I'm SURE was <bleep>ing necessary, and it was probably just as <bleep>ing necessary that they not TELL anyone about it. (I'm being mean. I'm sure they emailed it to me. Along with the other 20-odd spams a DAY, mostly about undergrad things like sorority meetings and the cafeteria menu.) So now that I've finally got everything figured out, they've gone and changed to be, yes, even MORE counter-intuitive. >:( >:( >:(

Not to mention the fact that my profs cannot use my REAL email addy anymore... they have to send me email to my student account... aka spam city... and I just haven't gotten the guts to bombard poor Hedgie with all this new crap. Not to mention the fact that I'm completely clueless on how to forward the stuff anyway.

Also torking me off is the new idea that profs no longer have to print out handouts. 2 of my profs, bless them, haven't so much as printed out the <bleep>ing syllabus. They've told us to go online and print it. Thank <bleep>ing <bleep><bleep> that the library doesn't charge for printouts anymore, but sheesh, people, when did something basic like that become passe?

But all that's old news. I've already been grinning and bearing all that for two week or longer (and in many cases, much longer). What's really got my knickers is a twist is this:

The <bleep>ing <bleep>tards have <bleep>ed up the system so that you can't <bleep>ing access the class discussion boards/where the profs post these U-print assignments properly using the bloody <bleep>ing software already installed on the <bleep>ing library computers. So, by <bleep>, I DLed it myself, saving it under "my documents" because I'm "not authorized" to save anything to the hard drive (no <bleep>, sherlock). And, by <bleep>, I have <bleeping> installed it on the last computer in the library, and if they've got a <bleep>ing problem with that, which I expect they will, I mean, after all, I certainly don't own this hardware, then they should have BLOODY WELL HAVE <BLEEP>ING EITHER NOT UPDATED THE <BLEEP>ING SYSTEM OR <BLEEP>ING INSTALLED THE NEW SOFTWARE THEMSELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really am afraid I'll get into some sort of trouble. I'm even more afraid that I'll let them know exactly what I think. These people have GOT to be the absolute stupidest idiots ever to be in charge of an IT network. I want to throttle their little necks.

Whew. I feel better now. Thanks. :) And thanks from all the little undergrads sitting around me, placidly working, undisturbed by an exploding freakozoid sitting at the last computer in the library.

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Re: Bits & Bytes? Or Rant & rave?
« Reply #1 on: Sunday February 03, 2008, 07:49:13 PM »

I know all too well the woes of Higher / Further Education IT systems.

You see, I come from Sheffield Hallam University, which (at the time I was there) was the largest Novell Netware installation in Europe. Or so they say.

The only problem with it was, they had some major problems at times, so much so that we had an hour's SECI (Software Engineering and Computer Interfacing) lesson that by nature had to be done on PCs, and a full 45 minutes was taken up just logging in. Apparently, there were some incompatibilities in the Novell databases and server-server authentication that slowed the whole process down.

Put simply, the group of servers were arguing amongst themselves as to whether we should have been allowed access to the system. Add into the mix that in addition to the Netware system, there was a substantial use of Unix boxes too, and things really got confusing.

Boston College was even more fun, as it ran on old style coaxial ethernet (rather than the phone jack type you get these days) and there was always some clown who thought it would be a good idea to unplug the cable from his machine and crash the whole segment. Grrrrrr..

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