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Clay - Pink, White for Sensitive Skin
« on: Sunday February 03, 2008, 07:03:57 PM »
You know, my friend thought he could fix my skin and came round today with 3 things that he was going to mix together to "cure" me.  One of them was surgical spirit!! 1 hour later I tried his mixture on a tiny bit of E on my wrist...Nothing's happened yet...

But He got me thinking - He said the surgical spirit was to stop the infection spreading...The Johson's baby lotion was to moisturise it...So I wondered what do I have in the house that's natural and can stop the fungus or candida spreading - obviously coconut oil is great and is moisturising it, but it could take 2 weeks to see a real difference as my skin is so bad...

Then I realised that French Argiletz clay was the key ingredient in healing both legs and feet 4 years ago.  They were so bad I was limping and my feet were septic, itchy and bleeding.  So I researched clay and have got 3 books on the subject.  I would buy a 3 kg bag of french clay and have make it into a paste with bottled water and then put olive oil to prevent my skin from drying out. 

Wrap legs and feet with cling film then put on my trousers and socks.  4 months later, my skin started healing very rapidly - I'm not kidding - every day, I could see the E was in remission.  It healed and stayed that way up til now.

Then 2 months ago, I had an army of cold sores along my jaw line and I made a paste with Pascalite clay and olive oil - a very watery paste.  I smeared it on and they were gone in a week living soft skin without a scar. 

I don't understand why I totally forgot that clay kills bacteria, draws out toxins from your skin, yet feeds and rejuvenates it leaving beautiful skin in its wake. 

I'll be purchasing some pink Argiletz clay as its for dry sensitive skin - the green clay was stronger and more drying.  6 100g tubes come to a grand total of £15!! Very cheap. They will be for my face, neck and arms.

I'll probably use the green French clay internally - Very simple - 1/2 teaspoon in 8oz of water leave overnight.  Drink ONLY THE WATER the following morning... After 3 weeks body is acclimatised to clay and you can put a tiny amount of the clay in your food, soups, yoghurts...Very good for expelling parasites.

Any more info check out Eytons Clay, (or was it Eytons Earth? sorry, not sure) They don't sell clay, but give lots of info and they have a forum if you want to ask questions....

So I guess, I'll be making a paste of the clay with a little Virgin coconut oil instead of olive oil...

Will keep you posted....

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