Author Topic: Alternative Healing vs. Traditional Medicine  (Read 3293 times)

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Alternative Healing vs. Traditional Medicine
« on: Sunday February 03, 2008, 12:00:31 AM »
Hi All,

I'm adding this post here because I think it would make a good topic.  It's already somewhere else too, so hope that isn't violating any rules.  I just thought it would be more visible here as its own topic.  I would love for us to share our views with each other. 

I want to explain my point of view regarding alternative medicine.  Most definitely, I do not suggest using essential oil blends or other alternative treatments in place of traditional pharmaceuticals...especially if you suffer from a chronic condition and you need it for survival.   I also will not say that alternative therapies are a cure for anything.  But I do believe they can compliment traditional medicine.  Even Kendall, who has ED and uses the cream, combines it with her prescription yeast medicine and has found that the results are better when they are used together, then when only the prescription is used.  But she is only one person.  That is why I want other people to try it and see if it helps them in any way as well.  Of course it is a topical preparation and cannot change how someone's immune system is wired.

However, if someone is using a prescription and it isn't helping at all, they will stop using it and try another pharmaceutical.  They will keep trying other pharmaceuticals until one does work.  If none work, then I say try something non-traditional, and if that product doesn't work, then try another...and so on.  And of course, maybe nothing in the universe can help their condition and they are stuck, suffering forever.  I am optimistic and prefer to believe that even if a condition is irreversible, perhaps there will be a product that at least offers limited relief which is better than no relief.  That is why my focus is on skin conditions, and not chronic diseases.  Even doctors prescribe topical products for skin conditions and they often work very well.  That doesn't mean that something natural couldn't help in some way, though.  I'm not a doctor.  But let's use chemo as an example.  If someone has cancer and is going thru chemo, they may get nauseous, so maybe inhalation of peppermint essential oil or ginger essential oil or either of these in tea form, may provide relief from that symptom, but obviously can't take away the cancer or the need for chemo.  These two herbs, as well as Chamomile have been used for nausea, colic and menstrual cramps for a lot longer than hospitals have existed.  When I have muscle pain, I could take aspirin or motrin which can cause stomach bleeding if taken on an empty stomach or if I choose to drink a couple glasses of wine, or I can take my muscle balm product...get relief, spare my stomach lining and enjoy my wine!  I guess I'm just selfish that way... 8)

I have chronic insomnia.  I could take a sleeping pill provided by my doctor or I could try something herbal.  I use two products to deal with this.  One is Alluna, which contains Valerian and Hops extract and Sleep MD which contains Valerian and many other herbs that have sedative properties.  Both are effective for mind chatter and anxiety and work very well for me.  Since they're effective, why would I take a pill that could kill me if I misused it? 

Another concern is that traditional pharmaceuticals often have potential side effects.  If a natural remedy works, I prefer it to a prescription that could stop my breathing or give me heart damage.  But I use prescriptions when they're necessary and the only option.