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something has got to give.....
« on: Monday January 07, 2008, 04:34:01 AM »
howdy to the board and looking for some good suggestions and advice...
a little back ground...
   from the age of 17 i have always had problems with my feet itching and flaring up, I always considered this was athletes foot and a few days of keeping my shoes off and sun always helped and it was an on again and off again type problem.  I am now 26 and never have had eczema or anyother prior skin problems (i have had a few staph infections each a year or two apart, these were cleared up with bactrium)  My family does not have a history of ezcema, also nobody has asthma or hay fever.
   Well, a few months ago (sept/oct) I started noticing my feet getting itchy again, no big deal i had dealt with this before.  I also noticed a rash developing under my arms, in the crease where my arm bends, behind my knees and on my hips, also small pus blisters on my hands and fingers.  This worried me a little bit but i accounted it to being in Wyoming close to winter time and my skin used to hot and humid southern weather was just dry.  I was warned when i got there my skin would dry out and my lips would crack, so prepare my self with lotion and chapstick.  No big deal...
   November found me in Nothern Louisiana where the air was a little warmer and humid.  After a few day's of soaking in the tub and applying lotion my itchy rash had gone away.  Thank goodness.
   Well about mid December my feet started thier thing again and this came on with a vengance.  I was working as a waiter at the time and figured it was the long hours in uncomfortable shoes and sweaty feet.  I went to rite-aid, bought some anti fungal stuff and kept truckin.  A few days later my feet were getting worse and my constant scratching of them after work had my socks sticking to my feet for all the blood and pus.  I also started to notice light patches coming in the  bends of my arms and the wierd little bumps were appearing on my fingers, palms and soles of my feet.  Bloody and infected my foot wouldnt go into my shoe anymore and my hands were starting to look strange so i called in sick to work and went to see a doctor.  Contact dermatitis he said and gave me some bactirum for my now infected swollen feet.  I looked so bad at this time the nurses actually took a step back when i took my sandles off and showed them my feet.  Three days after the meds the swelling had gone down but the rash has spread.  All over my forearms, fingers, thighs, butt and stomach.
   To  the emergency room I went covering every part of my hideous looking skin I could, minus the sandles in the middle of winter.  I was really worried now and just knew this had to be contagious (I had seen a picture for shingles and thought i had it due to the pockets of pus that were covering my hands and feet)  This doctor said eczema and told me to stop taking the antibiotics and start a ten day regiment of presnidone.  Both doctors seem to think im allergic to something...?
   After missing a week of work I called and told them I could not make it in anylonger due to my itchy rash and called good old mom to see if the prodigal son could head back home to sothern Texas.  After a few days of laying around and eating steroids and 6 tubes of hydrocortizone my skin slowly started to clear.  I failed to mention that my feet had swollen and cracked so bad I could hardly walk with out immense pain and could barely make a fist.  As my rash cleared a strange thing started to happen, all of the calluses I had worked so hard for in my 26 years began to peel.  All of the skin on my palms and sole's of my feet, ALL of it..where the big calluses were it was up to 1/8 of an inch thick!!, peeled off to reveal fresh new baby soft skin.  Wierd!
   Now three days after the steroids are done and its coming back....intro the bumps, the rash the itching and bleeding.  Now that I have no layer to peel off what happens?
I have tried many suggestions, Head and shoulders shampoo all over the body, apple cider vinager (stung like crazy) baking soda baths, all to minimal succsess.  My last attempt was to mix a few home remidies together....I took ACV, honey, salt, extract of pepermint and fish liver oil (i busted the caps open) mixed it all in to a noxious concoction and dipped a wash cloth in it to smear it all over me.  Not much help but some itching relif.  I havent used any soap in a week and a half.  I've decided a diet change to cut out dairy, wheat and nuts.  This is harder than I thought, Right after I went for a piece of pizza not realizing the cheese.....  Im drinking a gallon of unsweetend tea per day and also cutting out sugar and coke's.  Anyone have any menu selections...? 
   This is going to be the hardest thing I have faced so far.....Nobody knows the cause or the cure???WTF???  I have never had any allergies that I have known of.....Why did it wait 26 years to rear its ugly head??  Im thinking of going to a derm.  but from what I have read from everyone else it seems very futile!  I know i cant stay here at my parents forever and im going to have to deal with this some how......but as it is right now I know if I straped on some shoes and went and found a job in three days I wouldn't be able to walk again.  So for now its lounging around in sweat pants itching and waiting for someone tell me the miracle cure.  If you have read this far, I am open to any and all suggestions, be it dietary or cream's or a home concocted remedy......please!!......somthings got to give.......!


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Re: something has got to give.....
« Reply #1 on: Monday January 07, 2008, 05:11:30 AM »
Hello , welcome to skincell!
Im thinking of going to a derm.  but from what I have read from everyone else it seems very futile!

No it isn't futile, and you do need a derm ASAP, from the sounds of it. A diagnosis can only be obtained by a biopsy being taken and blood samples. Please do get a derm as soon as possible and let us know what the results are. You can't treat this yourself.
My family does not have a history of ezcema, also nobody has asthma or hay fever.
Your direct family may not have manifestations of "Atopy" or autoimmune conditions, but if you do have either, then certainly someone in your family, even way back will definately have had. It doesn't have to be the same condition. Both of these (of which many skin conditions come under the umbrella of either one) carry a genetic predispostion to ever having one. Not to mention those that are hereditary.
These conditions usually come on suddenly for no specific reason.

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Re: something has got to give.....
« Reply #2 on: Monday January 07, 2008, 05:24:00 AM »
hi 1tacure welcome to skin cell  i never had it on the soles of my feet but i know about your hands i have dyshidrotic eczema.   WTF i know how you feel some say its caused by stress but others ill be along who are more articulate and give you advice  the dermatologist is a good place to start. dont be a stranger . read the other forums  try like we all do to get thru each day bye for now  SkinSoSoftyeahright

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Re: something has got to give.....
« Reply #3 on: Monday January 07, 2008, 05:57:08 AM »
thanks i'll go to a derm this just hard for me to comprehend this happening after laying dromant for so long.  It would be alot easier to accept had I changed my diet or gone around somthing I had not been exposed to, (alot easier to correct also!)
But I have done niethier to my knowledge so it leaves me scratching my head wondering what part I have played in bringing this on.  At first I thought it could be that I had dropped my clothes off at a washateria to have them done, but after washing them again with the same detergent as usual, no help.  The only thing I can trace I have eaten out of the ordinary in the past few months is a pomegranite.....and that was a one time deal....???  Who Knows??  Maybe the derm. will be able to give me better answers...

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Re: something has got to give.....
« Reply #4 on: Tuesday January 08, 2008, 03:17:31 AM »
A dermatologist should be able to help you.  Be hopeful.  It does seem likely that there is something in your environment that is triggering your reaction.  Anything that touches your skin could be a potential trigger, including anything that is airborne if you are sensitive enough to it [mold, pet dander, etc], or you could be experiencing some kind of food reaction.  I don't mean everything, I mean there is probably one particular thing in your environment that has caused your skin to suddenly become a big problem for you when it wasn't in the past.  Particularly suspect would be any new lotion, cream, ointment, soap, anti-perspirant, cologne etc. that you may have started using. 

A dermatologist should be able to help you narrow down what is happening and how to fix it.  If the first derm isn't helpful, get a second opinion.
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Re: something has got to give.....
« Reply #5 on: Wednesday January 09, 2008, 02:53:56 AM »
Hi, just read your intro.

This does not sound like PPP, or PPP alone. The prednisone would give prompt relief. It's a big gun, and sounds like you needed it.

My advice now would be to get to a Dermatologist ASAP. A regular doc can swab your pustules. The arms and trunk being involved is not typical of PPP. Pustules are typical, on hands and feet. I'm no doc, or diagnostician, but it doesn't sound like eczema either (to me). But heck, I really only know about PPP.

Go to a Derm, in fact, go to 2 or 3 derms until you get an answer. Period. You are too young to suffer through all of this w/o a correct diagnosis.

Take care.........Jane
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Re: something has got to give.....
« Reply #6 on: Wednesday January 09, 2008, 11:28:36 AM »
Helo again 1tacure,
it just hard for me to comprehend this happening after laying dromant for so long.

Please note that which I have highlighted in bold.
Certain things that have come up in your posts seem to point to either an Atopic or autoimmune condition.
Many skin conditions come under the umbrella of "Atopy" , or autoimmunity, and some of these genetic predispositions, also have an hereditary factor to the actual disease itself, such as psoriasis and diabetes. All of these faulty genes which carry a genetic predisposition to antigens or allergens (Atopy), or to autoimmunity, (occurring of and to self), have a scientifically proven factor in common, they all wax and wane in severity, and can have periods of remission  spontaneously and for no apparant reason.
Both are an abnormal response within a stimulated immune response, to either a stimuli of normal body "self" secretions or signals (for eg  hormones , all is still in research as to exactly what of self can stimulate this response) =Autoimmunity; or enviromental non-self factors,=Atopy.
The normal chemical signalling cells which make up this response, having the ability or the genetic predisposition, to malfunction when in the presence of such.
Atopy is an inherited predisposition which causes a tendency to suffer from one or more of the following “atopic diseases”: allergic asthma, allergic rhino-conjunctivitis and atopic dermatitis. The diagnosis of “atopy” is not based on one single distinctive clinical feature or laboratory test, but rather results from a combination of patient and family history and clinical findings.
The list is long with many named conditions which come under "Atopy", and all of them have a genetic predisposition to certain enviromental factors, (which one /or more depends on the individual). These allergies and  allergens, would not affect a person who did not have this genetic fault. That is why some people have asthma or hay fever and  others don't. So basically these conditions all come under this heading of Atopy which is a genetic predisposition, which can be stimulated by having an allergic reaction to certain foods, or pollen etc . However, if the skin flares say after eating tomatoes then that can easily be identified scientifically. A life time can be spent identifying what does and does not stimulate this abnormal response in any individual, because it is the genetic predisposition itself which is the problem , not the antigen or allergen which stimulates it. Remove these two factors and the abnormal response does not occur, be it an allergy to a certain food whatever; but once stimulated it can take from months to years for the abnormal response to stop.
In other cases of atopic conditions the predisposition can be stimulated idiopathically. That means that an antigen of "self" (autoantigen) can also stimulate this genetic predisposition in a person who has this faulty gene.(Autoimmune)
Nothing can remove this genetic predisposition,in either case, it is part of your DNA . If certain foods do actually cause the condition to flare, then tests at the time can prove it beyond doubt. This is only exascerbating or making worse an already present , and always will be, fault. However food or diet cannot alter  the genetic predisposition (the faulty gene).
Some alternative  "doctors" have done reports concerning the intake of certain metal salts,being a culprit for these conditions, none of it scientifically proven or accepted by scientific medicine, otherwise all the derms in the world would be using it as a first line in treatment, and we would all be on diets! Fact based ref:......,6925.msg289785.html#msg289785
Autoimmunity, is what it says it is. Greek- Auto=self;  An abnormal immune response of and to self. Again many conditions come under this umbrella too. again only certain drugs can alter or suppress this abnormal response. No diet or food substance can cure these conditions, especially if the condition manifested is an hereditary one to the disease itself such as any one of the 5 types of psoriasis, (of which ppp is one.)
Drugs cannot cure these conditions neither , they can only suppress the abnormal response, and thereby reduce the symptoms. The goal as with all these conditions is control. That is why when people take antinflammatories such as steroids or immunomodulators , the symptoms of the disease abate somewhat, but it flares again as soon as the treatment is stopped, because the drugs are not a cure, there isn't one, they only suppress these conditions, like covering it over with a blanket. Remove the blanket and the disease is exposed or flares again.
It would take a bone-marrow transplant to remove these stem cells and replace them with donated ones, totally unrealistic of course. It is hoped that in the future these faulty genes will be able to be identified, (I understand the psoriasis one has already been identified) and immobilised by a drug (yet to be discovered!)see also these threads.....,23239.msg289249.html#msg289249,23339.0/topicseen.html#lastPost
Only people who have these faulty genes can get these conditions.
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