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Calendar question
« Reply #20 on: Monday October 04, 2004, 09:17:59 PM »
Can someone plse help me with this. I would like to enter events onto the calendar but am a bit unsure. After clicking on the required date, it says about sections it will be posted etc... well i dont want it appearing in Social but just the calendar. Am i getting completely curfuddled by all this and can anyone help me out?

thank you in advance!  :)

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« Reply #21 on: Friday June 03, 2005, 12:44:05 AM »
If you want to place a pin on the map try following this.

Click on the membermap button on the menu
Click on "Place my Pin"
Select the Map you want , Enter your City, Region and Country (for the flag part ;) )
Then, using the crosswires, select where you want your pin to show on the map. A pin should appear where you want it to be.
Then make sure that you click on the "Save Pin" button.
Close the Map.

I can't find where this all is  ???

Is it still available?
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