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update on my treatment
« on: Thursday November 01, 2007, 05:14:06 PM »
I tried antibiotics for 4 months with no change, I use tea tree oil ever day which gives me some relief from the pain, I also tried birth control pill but my body has never taken to it so had to come off it, I had a hysterectomy 7 weeks ago and was hoping this would help if HS was linked to hormones but my HS is worse than ever.  I have been refered to a dermatologist who wanted me to go on antibiotics for a further 6 months which I refused, I'm now waiting to start isotretinoin treatment.  It has been a busy year since being diagnosed and quite deflating everytime a treatment doesn't work but I have hope and a wonderful supporting family to help me through.  I shall let you all know how I get on with next treatment. My best wishes to you all and thanks for being there.      :) xx


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Re: update on my treatment
« Reply #1 on: Thursday November 01, 2007, 06:11:43 PM »
Hello  hadenoughlass , and welcome to skincell.
You really need to understand HEL, exactly what it is you have. You have an autoimmune disease, and you are born with the genetic predisposition to having one. The predisposition will run genetically in your family, and what is most telling from your other posts is that your mother and brother have these symptoms too, which confirms this predisposition.
There is no cure for any autoimmune disease, (of which there are many), all that can be done is to suppress the production of abnormal antibodies (autoantibodies) which are being produced within the abnormal immune  (autoimmune) response to *self*. These normal "cellular interactions" (which are *self*), malfunction, and stimulate this autoimmune response, which in turn produces abnormal autoantibodies , and they attack the body. So this occurs of self and to self. Auto=Greek for "self."
I don't understand why you would not take the antibiotics. With antibiotics you must take them at regular dose times, with plenty of water and take the full prescription, even though you may improve ver well. You must never cut the prescription short, because you then render the whole treatment useless, and your body will build up immunity to antibiotics. Your condition too will get worse, as you have stimulated it to fight harder against the amount of the antibiotic you have taken without either being able to overwhelm it , or the drug to combat the infection and inflammation. This is how and why the likes of MRSA are now so difficult to combat.
Please read some of my posts on autoimmunity, by clicking on my profile, and read the autoimmune articles thread too.
My best, Bunnie
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