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Re: My Eczema Killing Diet - Raw food!
« Reply #20 on: Thursday November 09, 2006, 08:01:12 PM »
Mmmm that sounds scrumptious, anthro!  We're heavily into apple mode here at the mo.  I put them in salads, make applesauce for the kid's lunches, and they're fantastic thinly sliced in a grilled cheese sandwich with extra old cheddar...

I think I have to go make dinner now. ;)

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Re: My Eczema Killing Diet - Raw food!
« Reply #21 on: Friday November 10, 2006, 02:03:54 PM »
Yes Itchy, the same method I used for pineapple will work on apples as well.  Adjust the lime, balsamic vinegar and dark Brown sugar up or down depending on how tart the apples are.  I would limit the sugar to enough to help in the browning, but I like things pretty tart.  I would be using pippins or granny smiths or gravensteins and fry them al dente under fairly high heat so the apples keep a bit of crunch.  I would be coring and slicing but leaving the skins on, but that's just me.  Bon apetite.
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Re: My Eczema Killing Diet - Raw food!
« Reply #22 on: Monday November 13, 2006, 06:20:54 PM »
Hi folks...sorry to take so long in replying...

Liver flushes are good for getting rid of gallstones from you gall bladder most people from 9 years old have them and they don't have to cause you pain for them to be expelled.  You can safely do a home liver flush with just olive oil, Epsom salts and lemon/grapefruit juice...won't cost more than £10 and full instructions are on the Curezone website.  Just tap in Liver flush and you'll get there.

Liver flushes are very good for getting rid of your allergies and aid in clearing your skin.

I eat a lot of protein and veg as I've also got candida, but since my morning smoothies had fruit in have had to stop.  Can't get mangoes anymore at the mo.  But am still eating avocadoes.  I'll try to get fish as it's winter.  I happen to live near Billingsgate fish market which works out cheaper than the supermarket.

Have to get back to my juicing even though my juicer's bust as my skin is blemished at the mo and juicing's the only thing I know to get my skin soft and beautiful fast.

Normally juice carrot, parsley and cucumber - the beta carotene and calcium in the mix gets rid of false wrinkles.  I drink 3 8oz glasses in the morning and again in the evening.

Aquababe :laugh:
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Re: My Eczema Killing Diet - Raw food!
« Reply #23 on: Monday December 16, 2013, 08:50:26 PM »
Hi's been a long journey going back and forth between raw and cooked.  I think what finally got to me was a very bad flare up last year due to medication I was on. I am now off it and back to eating raw food and oily fish again. Unfortunately, kefir no longer likes my kitchen environ and grows mould after 2 weeks.  I have tried lots of times but might have to resort to buying it.

The only fruits I eat now are apples, bananas and watermelons.

Also, another thing that got me thinking is Matt Monarch from raw food world. He said that's hen he started eating out at raw food restaurants and travelling round the world giving lots of talks, one day he looked in the mirror and realised he had aged.

After eating out for 4 years, and hanging out with a fat eating buddy, I didn't put on weight, but I found I could not stick to healthy eating.  She moved house earlier this year, so I can afford to be disciplined again.

This week, my shopping list is as follows;

4 packets of wheatgrass juice with 30 shots of frozen wheatgrass in each
10 large avocados
6 cucumbers
6 celery
10 packs of organic carrots
15 green apples
Spring onions
4 bunches of parsley
6 plantain
Olive oil
10 fillets of salmon or 10 small fresh mackerel

I have barley max - green superfood powder
I also have green argiletz clay for drinking

I have puy lentil sprouts
Mung beans
Sunflower seeds
Organic jumbo oats


Avocado smoothie with 3 celery sticks, 1/2 bunch of parsley, 1 pack of carrots, 1/2 cucumber,
Juice the veggies then put in blender with 1/2 or 1 avocado.
 This makes approx 3 cups

If still feeling hungry I might have some oats


Oily fish and avo salad with sunflower sprouts


Apple or 2 bananas


Oily fish and avo salad or guacamole

Drinks only carrot, apple and parsley juice - no water

Aim to have 2-3 litres of green juice or green smoothies daily over the course of the day

I have found that drinking plenty of battle tea or apple cider vinegar and honey is not effective as green juices or green smoothies. Why? Because, these teas were all I was drinking for the last month.
Now, just 5 days in of having on average 9-10 cups of green juice or smoothie a day, my face is glowing. During the day, I keep my face moisturised with coconut oil and shea butter.

I will also be oil pulling each morning with 1/2 teaspoon of coconu oil each morning to get rid of toxins and parasites the easy way. Only thing is, it takes 20 mins each time. But it works!

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Re: My Eczema Killing Diet - Raw food!
« Reply #24 on: Wednesday December 18, 2013, 07:27:33 PM »
Hi folks....I got my food supplies in except for wheatgrass. Looks like the company that I bought lovely tasting frozen wheatgrass juice shots in summer, does not supply the same quality of tasty juice in winter. The pack I bought tastes of nothing, which I thought real strange - I know the taste of wheatgrass juice whether from fresh grass or frozen grass. It has an acquired taste to it....

What I've got in the freezer right now tastes a bit strange, considering it arrived yesterday still frozen.

So I have stuck to my usual lot of juicing veggies....carrots, parsley, spinach, cucumber, celery and green apples. In the past, I have not rotated the types of veg juice I drink week to week. Still achieved radiant skin...!

Raw goat milk kefir should be arriving on Friday. Organic meat bone suppliers are not delivering til after Christmas, so I am waiting til the New Year. For now, I have made chicken wings with veggies broth. Shared it with my friend and her 2 children.  The little one, 22 months old, said "Delicious" for the first time as she was drinking it!

My avocados have not gotten ripe yet. My face is showing it and getting drier.  I have not had any avocado since this Sunday. I have also not been drinking the amount of juice normally drunk today as I was out getting groceries. Have had 4 cups throughout today so far.... I will make 2 more cups before I am off to sleep...

I had steamed rainbow trout and cucumber this evening. I am feeling stuffed but not hydrated enough....Bah and bah again...

I will get the balance right....Yes you will Aqua!
It's really nice to be free, free to be me
I'd rather be free and happy
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Re: My Eczema Killing Diet - Raw food!
« Reply #25 on: Friday December 20, 2013, 05:04:20 PM »
Hi there folks...The kefir arrived today...Well, my skin has started flaking in teaspoonfuls on my face again.  I looked at my old posts to see what I initially did to clear my skin...In 2008, New Year, I did a 3 month colon cleanse with Colonix from DrNatura.  Can't get it anymore as their UK website is down...So got a similar herbal colon cleanse from a Hallelujah Acres minister in Wales. The ingredients are pretty much the same.  Because of the fibre in it, I have to drink at least 2-3 litres of either green juice or pure water.

I have been sticking to green juice but yesterday just drank and ate a lot... I need to document it here so I can tally it with How I succeeded in 2008.  Thank God for Skincell!

10.30am.  1 teaspoon of Fibre Cleanse fibre blended with 8 oz of water

10.45am.  3 cups of celery,carrot,parsley cucumber, slice of lemon. Juiced with no avocado.

                Had 2 tablespoons of Udos oil

12.30pm   1 cup of avo-carrot smoothie with 1/2 a raw ripe plantain

2.00pm.     2.5 glasses of carrot, parsley, cucumber and 1 apple

5.00pm.      2 fillets of salmon on bed of sunflower seed sprouts, 2 carrots,1/2 avocado, spinach and 1 tomato.

7.00pm.       2 cups of green juice

When I ate this dinner at 5.00pm, I felt stuffed so sat down to type this...I still have 170 ml of raw goats milk kefir in a cup with 2 tablespoons of Udos oil waiting to be drunk slowly.

I have notice that in the past 2 days, my face has not felt itchy.  Phew! It may be dry at the mo but at least the itching, stinging, has stopped.

I apply the sap from a slice of fresh aloe leaf to my face every night before bed, leave to dry, then massage coconut oil onto my face.  I have hardly been using any Vaseline in the last 2 days.  It is a real nice feeling to not scratch or even touch my face...I can only take one day at a time and hope this continues...

Hope this helps someone out there.
It's really nice to be free, free to be me
I'd rather be free and happy
Than nobody and sad

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Re: My Eczema Killing Diet - Raw food!
« Reply #26 on: Saturday December 21, 2013, 09:47:11 PM »
Hi there...I do hope that the methods you are using to treat your skin are working.  No one deserves to suffer from any skin disease, what ever the name of it. In time, the healing will come.  Whatever you are doing, keep on persevering, researching and reading until you are completely new, from the inside out.

7.00am   Oil pull for 20 minutes before brushing teeth

7.30am   Parsley,  1 pack 750g carrots,  1/2 cucumber, 1/2 large avocado celery, 1 green apple
              Makes 16oz  green juice

9.45am.  170ml kefir with 2 tbsps of Udos oil

12 noon.  16oz of 2 carrots, 1 apple, 1 almost ripe plantain, a knob of ginger, 1/2 avocado, 1 tbsp of
               Lemon juice.  Chop up all veg  in medium sized pieces, including apple.  Add 1/2 cup of     
               Sprouted sunflower seeds, 1 tbsp of flaxseeds and blend in high power Blender like Blendtec   
                Or Vitamix until smooth. Enjoy!

3.00 pm.  16oz of green juice - ingredients as usual

6.00pm.    1 small fillet of salmon, 1 whole medium rainbow trout wrapped in foil and placed in oven
                For 20 mins

                 Meanwhile, slice up half cucumber into medium chunks.
                 Add 1/2 an avocado
                 Add half cup of sunflower seed sprouts
                 2 cloves of garlic
                 1/4 onion
                  1 carrot
                 1 vine tomato And 1 bell pepper (these are from the nightshade family of veg - if allergic
                 These, replace with juice veg of your choice)
                 Blend these ingredients in a cheap food processor until you have guacamole with chunky
                 Pieces of veg and sunflower seeds.  Add lemon juice to your taste

7.00pm.     16 oz of green juice as usual - no avocado this time.

 9.00 pm.    16oz of green juice

10.00pm.    170 ml of raw goat kefir with 2 tablespoons of Udos oil

My face is still not itchy. I have to break the habit of looking in the mirror to see what my face looks like morning and evening.

Tonight it is a little aloe vera sap from fresh leaf, left to dry, then followed by coconut oil.

I am still experimenting with the best time to eat and drink. So if you are reading this while trying to sort out your nutrition, please buy the vegetables and fruit you like and that are available in your country.

If you do not like veg, that is okay, start with a little of fruit then.  However, I remember my nutritionist mentioned to me in the beginning of my nutrition research, "Drink green juice and green soups".  When I asked her if I can put apples into my juice, she replied, "Apples are only 8% sugar, just 1 or 2 will do".  Years later, her teeth are still in fine condition. And she is in her 60s now. Mine are fine too, said my new dentist. Please bear in mind I have not had a dental check for 5 year.

Have a beautiful night's sleep beautiful people....

It's really nice to be free, free to be me
I'd rather be free and happy
Than nobody and sad