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Eczema Check-in!
« on: Wednesday August 02, 2006, 11:03:24 PM »
Hello forum,

Been reading some rather helpful, and very informative information on this site for the past few days, and finally
decided to join. I'm Mike.

I was diagnosed with eczema, not exactly sure what kind, but looking at some pictures online it closely resembles "Lichen Simplex".
I've had it ever since I was born, but it's only recently spread on my neck, arms, face, and some on my scalp.

Just like most of you , I've been going to several derms without any luck. They would tell me the same thing, prescribe a creme, or ointment, and that's about it. Being finally fed up I wanted to do something about it myself, and did some searching online. First thing I stumbled upon was link removed, please contact this member by IM if you want it. This did give me a lot of hope, and put me into the right path, by finding this forum. I also read that for some reason he was banned from this site because his information was mis-leading and not true. That kinda frightened me because I really hope eczema is cureable cause' I cannot stand living like this. It's TORTURE!

On the bright side, what I did get out of all this reading was that your skin is a direct representation of how your body is doing, and this encouraged me to try new diet plans which I will talk about.

First I reviewed my own condition, which I think everyone should do since we all have different situtations, even if we have similar skin conditions. I came to conclusion that I've been drinking a lot of alcohol lately and eating a lot of junk food. (summer break has that effect) So I decided that maybe my livers were being overworked with alcohol and bad processed food. I did some small research about natural vitamins and herbs. Most of the advice pointed me towards Milk Thistle, and Dandelion Root. While taking these supplements, I also drank about 1 bottle (500ml) of 100% pure apple juice every hour.

The day before starting the treatment I had a horrible flare up, possibly the worst yet which is why it kind of forced me to look for a solution. The day I started drinking the juice, and vitamins it did not have any affect. The 2nd day I did have to go use the restroom a lot more and did feel a bit more energized. 3rd and 4th day the flare up subsided a lot, but the eczema came back about a week later. I did stop drinking apple juice every hour after the 3rd day, maybe that might had something to do with the eczema.

For my temporary relief of eczema, nothing really works for me consistently. When it gets bad enough to crack and start bleeding, Vaseline works wonders, but when its just very red, itchy, and bumpy, applying Vaseline actually makes it a lot worse! From the time I  started reading these forums, there were some cremes people had good luck with, which in my case did not help much. Here are the ones I've tried with no luck.

M-folia cream: I've only tried this when I had mild situations, and it did not help, nor make it worse.
Presley's Natural Itch Remedy Spray: Has a cooling effect once it's sprayed on, but quickly dries out the skin and makes you want to scratch it even more.
Pure Baby Hypoallergenic Eczema Care: Also tends to dry out eczema infected area and doesn't really help nor make it worse either. It does work as a nice moisturizing cream on non-eczema area's though.
Only thing that seems to work on a some-what consistent basis is Pure Aloe Vera Gel. Even though usually by the time I get to it, my skin has tiny cracks that absorb the aloe vera and create a burning sensation once the aloe vera is applied. The aloe vera does have a side effect though. Once you apply a it a few times, after a bit the skin becomes very hard and reptile like. It feels like it's dry, but it's not. I can't figure out why it would do that.

I do plan on doing all the necessary internal organ cleanses in hope that one of them will have a drastic effect on my skin condition. So far I planned Liver Flush (more intense this time), Kidney, and Colon. I'm pretty sure there are other organs that needs fluhing but I cant think of any right now, so if you do have some suggestions, please feel free to add!!

I also just read about Candida, through Skipmoocow's thread, though kinda skeptical about the whole thing, no offense skipmoocow, but it's just my nature when reading about a wonder cure and then at the end you have to pay this large amount, I do get on the defensive side. But with what I read, late at night, is that Candida is a yeast that when overgrown, is in your colon and attacks your own body.

I really do want to find the culprit to this problem, no matter how hard or long it will take. I believe we should all be able to fully enjoy life without having to apply some kind of lotion, inject some kind of steroid, or viciouscly scratch yourself every 5 minutes. I hope to cure myself and will use this to gain help from others like me, and also keep everyone updated on what works for me and doesnt.  :beer:
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Re: Eczema Check-in!
« Reply #1 on: Sunday December 17, 2006, 11:36:34 AM »
Small Update.

I've read a book in which I'm not trying to advertise but it's called Inflammation Nation, by Chilton. This book has taught me a lot about inflammation, and how it works and what causes it. It also has a diet plan that has helped me control my eczema and DRASTICALLY reduce the flare ups I get. On top of the diet plan, I do take Fish/Cod liver oil, 3 Capsules, 3 times a day, plus all my other vitamins and supplements. This along with no fast food, and mainly healthy, fresh food has really improved my condition. I know there is a lot of "advertising scams" or posts going on but I'm just trying to share what worked for me. I dont care if you decide to buy the book or not, heck if anything just go to a book store and read it there. But yea, Moderators, if you can not leave this thread without censoring it, don't even bother leaving it up.

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Re: Eczema Check-in!
« Reply #2 on: Sunday December 17, 2006, 11:46:13 AM »
Hi there

I am delighted that you have found something that helps you and have visited the forum to share this with us all.

I think you will find that the moderating team do not remove useful information randomly. We actually do discuss all issues concerning removal of potential scams etc and between us we can spot a spammer from a mile away.

We only moderate the forum for the benefit of all of it's legitimate members.
To your good health.