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old time remedy
« on: Thursday July 11, 2013, 11:57:27 PM »
Hi its been a long time since i have been on, (apologies) but needless to say not much has changed regarding my skin condition, still lumpy bumpy and painful.

Having had a severe 'abcess' in a rather private area, one of my work mates suggested a remedy to me, me having little faith, i thought she was just having i laugh at my painful expense, until i tried it!!!!

It is so simple yet effective for drawing lumps out, 3 household ingredients, bar soap, bread and sugar!!!

Grate some bar soap into a dish, add sugar, bread and enough hot water to form a paste put this onto a dressing and apply to lump leave it on for as long as possible, the effects were almost immediate, the 'heat' i get in lumps was drawn out making them more comfortable, after a few hours the lump, which the doc had failed to lance due to depth, had started to rise, after about 6 hours it had painlessly burst and started to drain, with much relief from pressure pain, a new batch and a new dressing continued to draw the 'bad' out.

I cant explain how this works, i just know that the sugar kills bacteria, perhaps why manuka honey is so popular, yet expensive,  as for the  rest, its beyond my knowledge, i am also using this on a previously ruptured lump, (open wound)  that was about the  size of a large marble, which is now the size of a pea, in about 6 hours, it just keeps drawing out the bad, painlessly, i was skeptical, but if you google bread poultice, or sugar soap poultice there are many recipes to chose from online, and there is no staining as with  turmeric, which i found extremly messy, not to mention the clothes ruined by staining!!!

i hope this helps somebody it did me, after all what have you got to lose by trying???
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