Author Topic: Hi there... Amaroli is the fastest cure for skin disease!  (Read 2453 times)

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Hi there... Amaroli is the fastest cure for skin disease!
« on: Sunday June 29, 2014, 01:31:08 PM »
This worked overnight for me after 6 weeks of a sunburnt peeling face and neck til I stopped going out...

Managed to go to my friend's birthday party last Friday and the took photos....I looked terrible in the photo.

I am actually quite beautiful but after 6 weeks of exfoliating dead skin from my face ad neck with my fingernails, I looked like an alien!

Til I discovered how to do amaroli.... Just last night.

Massaged my face, neck, and body with it and then put my usual olive oil, coconut oil and shea butter.  Cos my skin is ultra parched.

Woke up this morning with soft skin.... Massaged my face, body again this morning, and most if the dead skin on my face just rubbed off as I massaged my face with amaroli.

I found out how to do this by reading up on Dr John Armstrong, Martha Christy and Sylvia Chandler....

I am glad the worst is over and this is inexpensive compared to the rice of frozen wheatgrass juice, moor mud, and fermented kefir.

I am still juicing, but amaroli is the fastest cure for renewing skin that I have come across.  I am still bemused and surprised to find out that I need not have suffered like I did for these past 6 weeks....

Hope this helps someone...

Take care!
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