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Re: Kefir - natural probiotic yoghurt - only richer
« Reply #20 on: Friday July 04, 2014, 12:37:28 AM »
Hi there folks!

I went to Borough market today to get raw milk, raw cream and eggs.

Returned home only to find that the only dairy GAPS diet recommends is fermented and raw cheese (the harder the better).

Am not doing the GAPS diet, but have noticed that foods eaten agree with everything allowed on the GAPS diet. I have been doing this without knowing I have been following it...

However, I can digest beans as I leave them in a bowl of water overnight to soak and leach the natural gases off.

Also, while cooking beans, change the water a couple of times to leach more gas off before adding other ingredients.

Last, but not least, cook the beans real slow. 4-5 hours as opposed to 1.5-2 hours.

My secondary schoolmate explained that the more beans you eat, the more you get acclimatised to digesting I them.

Well, let's see...I cooked a massive pot of nigerian honey beans following the above method.

Will be having beans 2ce a day for the whole week.

My kefir has finished - got to order more next week.

Still got my Mud, and juicer has been fixed since May. Skin is much better, although I did get sunburn on face and neck.

Peeled for 6 weeks until discovering Amaroli and now skin has settled down and now healing at a Very Fast. RAte!!

Go Aqua, Go Aqua, Go Aqua...Go!

Take care folks!
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