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New Forum, New Toys
« on: Tuesday March 11, 2003, 12:00:12 PM »

When posting a message you can use IRC "Me" command eg

/ me starts hammering

will appear as

* Nick starts hammering


You can link a posting on the forum to a calendar event and vice versa.
In a post, click on the and enter the details in the calendar.

From calendar, click on the location you would like the post to appear and post a new thread as you normally would


The UK has been given its own map
See Here !


The Search facility has been streamlined with 2 options

Press on for quick search, or press on the advanced search to go back further in time or searcg only selected boards.


When replying to or posting a new topic you can include attachment files which you can upload from your own PC.
Allowed file types: txt,jpg,gif,pdf,mpg,png
Maximum attachment size allowed: 100 KB

The attachment folder will clear itself after between 25 and 30 days.

The following attachment file types can be uploaded:

Please do not then copy the attachment image and post it into another message as this will burn our resources very rapidly.
The facility is there for people without their own sites who may like to share a file or picture with others.


If you want to use bold , italics etc then you can highlite the text you have typed with your mouse cursor, then click on the button (bold, move, underline etc etc)

The text will automatically appear inside the text effect.


Decide how the date and time are displayed -

By entering your profile you can amend the way that the date and time appear on all parts of the forum by using
Time Format in the Preferences section.
For example, by entering
Code: [Select]
%d %B %Y   %I:%M

The date and time will then appear as

17 March 2003 09:05

By clicking on the "help" question mark on the left you will see a guide to help you decide how you would like your forum date to look.

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Re:New Forum, New Toys
« Reply #1 on: Wednesday March 19, 2003, 07:42:40 PM »
Members Profile has a new field :

After Post:
After posting a new message what page should be loaded?

This allows members to choose for themselves what they would rather do after they post a message:
  • Return to the message they just posted
  • Go back to the Message Index to view any other threads in that part of the forum
  • Get the forum to ask you each time you post.

After a couple of initial hic-cups I think it should now be stable.
If you get any problems please let me know.
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Re:New Forum, New Toys
« Reply #2 on: Tuesday April 01, 2003, 10:50:12 PM »
Instant Messages

When you now click on Instant Message, New Message, you will see your familiar IM screen ... with one small addition.

Next to the recipients name box (where you type the name in) you will also see a new button

When you click on this button an extra window will appear with all of the members names listed.

To select a single member, click on that members name and then close the window.
To select more than one member, hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard and select al the members you would like to send a message to. The names will then appear in the "To" box for you.
Also, the IM box will recognise user names where a member has registered under one name (eg Scratch1002) but then amended their profile to read as "Fred". You can now use Fred.

Carry on and complete the rest of the message as you normally would :)

Any problems please let me know

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How to... Ignore a User
« Reply #3 on: Wednesday October 08, 2003, 06:21:12 PM »
Here are directions in the case that you wish to ignore a user:

  • Go to your Instant Message box.
  • Click the Preferences button.

  • Enter the username in the Ignorelist box. THIS STEP IS CASE SENSITIVE, so be sure to match the casing of the username exactly.

  • Click the Save Preferences button.
Having a user in your Ignorelist box will do two things:

1. You will no longer be able to receive IMs from that user.

2. All of that user's posts on the forum will be displayed as a "blocked" message.

To unignore - follow the same steps, but delete the name from the Ignorelist box and click "save preferences."
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