Author Topic: Can you laser hair growing from moles?  (Read 2651 times)

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Can you laser hair growing from moles?
« on: Wednesday August 17, 2005, 10:34:16 PM »
I got a mole removed because hair was growing from it. The scar is still red after three weeks. And there is still some hair! I guess they were the hairs growing around the moles and not from the moles. Anyway I have another mole that grows a single hair out of it. I do not want to get this mole surgically removed. I had 2 sessions of Intense Pulse Light treatment for some mild hirtuism on my face. The lady who did it said she can go over moles one time but the second time she couldn't. Why is this? Why can't she just remove the single hair from my mole with a laser? It's ridiculous.

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Re: Can you laser hair growing from moles?
« Reply #1 on: Saturday August 20, 2005, 03:34:13 PM »
hi ,
was this person a dr. who said that. i don't know anything about using lasers to remove hair from moles. but i do know my mother and sister both had a mole removed from there fase and the spot where the mole was hair still grows there. and my mom said it's worst now then when she had the mole.
i hope that this is helpful. good luck
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Re: Can you laser hair growing from moles?
« Reply #2 on: Sunday September 04, 2005, 02:31:18 AM »
Lasers can't remove hair from dark moles because they work by targeting the melanocytes (cells with the pigment melanin).  The laser would burn the mole and cause a great deal of damage and pain.  People with really dark skin are not great candidates for laser hair removal of any type, because the laser light could not target just the darker hair follicle....

Hope this helps