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Psoriasis and sunbeds
« on: Friday April 01, 2005, 11:24:01 AM »
It was recomended to me that sunbeds for short periods help dry up a psoriasis attack.

I know UVA and B are treatments for psoriasis, but I was worried about the risks of sunbeds.

Has anyone found them helpful or would you only use light therapy when given by doctor?
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Re: Psoriasis and sunbeds
« Reply #1 on: Friday April 01, 2005, 12:39:07 PM »
Hi JChick,

My Psoriaosis isn't too bad so I'm not too sure about that, but last year someone reccomended going on a sunbed to clear my acne up before I was a bridesmaid at my sisters wedding.

It wasn't a wonder cure and I wouldn't do it long term because of all the obvious dangers of using a sunbed but it did seem to help.  It dried my skin up a bit and also made them less noiticable becuase of the tan.

I wouldn't do it all the time but if it was for a special occasion I would definitely try it again.

Love Willow xx

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Re: Psoriasis and sunbeds
« Reply #2 on: Friday April 01, 2005, 04:13:28 PM »
I go for UVB treatment three times a week because of my psirosis, i can honestly say that it has worked wonders on my face but the rest of my body is pretty  much the same (maby not as red) I wouldnt use any old sunbed because when i use the one at the hospital the nurse puts in exactly what dosage i should be having and for how long (today i had 22 secs) I honestly dont believe its worth trying to treat urself as it may cause more probs although i understand that u want it to clear up quick as ur a model. I would go pester the doctor or derm if you have one and try and get them to prscibe you UV treatment. Hope it starts to clear soon! ;D
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