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Re: Grover's disease
« Reply #2000 on: Wednesday May 27, 2020, 11:20:16 PM »
Wow, I think that is fascinating!  So how is your skin now?  Nickel and mercury are both metals....could Grover's be a reaction to metals, more than just to mercury?

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Re: Grover's disease
« Reply #2001 on: Saturday July 04, 2020, 03:39:03 PM »
My skin is about 95% clear now - after the dermatologist suggested to me to try the nickel-free diet my rashes all cleared up for the most part.  The hardest for me was having to give up chocolate, which is quite high in nickel.  Other items include whole grains, all legumes (including green beans), oats and other food groups, including shellfish.  If you think you might have an allergy to nickel do a Google search on the nickel-free diet on the MAYO Clinic website.  Itís worth a try - it sure helped me and if it helps just one more person on here it will be worth this post.  My Groverís is officially gone and I thought that my rashes seemed to be different.  I donít know if my Groverís just mutated over to a nickel allergy or if it just went away on itís own.
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Re: Grover's disease
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Is there a test to determine you have a nickel allergy?